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Outpost 1 & 2 Classic Games


Do you remember the old classic games Outpost 1 & 2? I mean before they went bust after Outpost 2 and things changed to things like Command and Conquer.
This was a new time strategy game based on the planet Terra. It had two story campaigns and lots of endless multiplayer fun. There were two main faction colonies and hopes for more later but the 3rd was never completed as Sierra went under. Colonies were:

Blue Logo Eden & Green Logo Plymouth

You can download this game free from Outpost Universe in a few seconds to a couple of min.
Released in 1994, published by Sierra and developed by Dynamix.


A clip from Outpost 1 main site shows how the story started, more can be found in game missions:

"In the first part of the 21st century, scientists discovered a huge asteroid named Vulcan's Hammer headed straight for Earth. A single corporation decided the only way for survival was to colonize other worlds. One ship was launched and as it sat in orbit around Jupiter, Earth was no more. Now it is your task to seek out a new planet and repopulate it with human life. The game is set in an isometric third person perspective, like that of Simcity, in which you must re-colonize the planet while dealing with the intricacies of day-to-day life."

In this game you not only had to build and defend your base but collect resources and research tech, a big difference being if you don't have a Nursery you wont develop and colonist to maintain your buildings and they die of illness, starvation or disease or old age over time and if you don't have a University you will fail as you will have no workers and wont be able to research if you don't turn some of these into scientists (you only need 1 of each as building more does not increase colonist output). Also if you don't keep your colonist happy you will fail as if your moral is to low your colonists wont increase, so make sure you have enough housing, a hospital, food and the scientists aren't doing to many worker jobs.
by cb 16/11/2013

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